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My Equity Blueprint™

A Great USP Must Communicate To Your Prospects How THEIR Life Will Be DRAMATICALLY Better By Working With You Instead Of Someone Else.. Including A Family Member!

  • cloud based software

    Access to the most powerful Real Estate Conversion System on the planet; THE SaaS Cloud Based Software.  Login from your computer, your tablet or even your phone!  It is 100% cloud based so as long as you have an internet connection, you can access the software..  EVEN at a client's home!

  • Landing Page Presentation For Your Website

    Put this presentation video on a landing page on your website to collect leads.

  • FSBO and Expired Listing Letters

    Need letters for prospecting for FSBO and Expired Listing clients?  Look no further, really!  Download our complete library of FSBO and Expired Listing Letters and put them to work in your business.  We all know FSBOs and Expired Listings are hit hard by every agent and their dog, separate yourself from the pack and COMPEL them to want to work with you.

  • Cash Flow Repositioning Checklist

    The checklist you can print out and use with all your clients and prospects that will show them how to reposition their cash flow so they can become debt free.  In the training library you will also find a detailed video on exactly how to utilize this powerful tool with your clients

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